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Sea Cider Review from

Sea Cider Prohibition Review

It’s not everyday that I buy a $25 bottle of cider. The Sea Cider Prohibition intrigued me, being one of the most expensive ones I’ve seen at my local stores. I went out on a limb and picked it up, and I’m glad I did since I haven’t seen it again around these parts. I hope…


Hot Pho You Hard Cider Review

Hot Pho You was the first cider I’ve tasted from 101 Cider House, it’s one of their seasonal ciders and talk about an intense experience. Since then I’ve had the chance to sample some of their other creations (reviews to come), and I have to say starting out with Hot Pho You was like extending my hand for…


Summer 2016

Cheers to an amazing 2016 summer, full of crisp, amazing ciders for us all! Things have been quiet around here for most of this year. The reason? I decided to take a couple of college classes over the Spring Semester to sharpen the old noodle. Man oh man, was I over my head! I did…


Dan Armor Cuvée Spéciale Cidre Brut Review

Dan Armor Cuvée Spéciale Cidre Brut grew on me from the first to the last sip. The more I dwelled on it, this hard cider went from “alright” to “ALRIGHT!!!”. I’ll explain, but first, where does Dan Armor Cuvee Speciale Cidre Brut come from? France. More specifically, Brittany, France. Here a co-operative of apple growers…

Anthem Hops Cider Review

Anthem Hops Cider Review

A nthem Hops hard cider is a cider I remember drinking at a work event months and months ago, and just had to get my hands on it again. I couldn’t quite remember the brand to search for it, but I had a mental picture of what the bottle and the bold fluorescent green label…


Fall 2015

I set seasonal resolutions as opposed to new year’s resolutions, and Summer was a time for me to really focus on the technology behind, the overall direction the site is going, and the foundation to ensure we get there. There have been several behind the scenes improvements made to the website. Mostly very small things that most…

Omission Lager Gluten Free Beer Review

Omission Lager Gluten Free (Reduced) Beer Review

The Gluten Free community can finally breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy a cold Corona-like beer that satisfies that deep thirst on a hot summer day! The Omission Lager does just that for me. Before I go deeper into the tasting review, it’s important for me to underscore that Omission beers, like Stone’s Delicious…


Summer 2015

This year has offered me one of the most amazing journey’s I’ve had in my life – watching my new baby girl grow from a newborn to a crawling-almost-walking bundle of giggly energy. The ciders had to take the backseat as we were all adjusting to our new routines here at home, and my level…

Woodchuck Hopsation Hard Cider Review

Woodchuck Hopsation Hard Cider Review

Woodchuck Hopsation Hard Cider is a huge win for the cider community and one of the newest additions to the Woodchuck Cidery Core lineup (from which I have already reviewed the Amber and Granny Smith on different posts). At Woodchuck they have created a community of not just cider lovers, but of Woodchuck fans in the…