Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb by Julian Hard Cider

Julian hard cider company isn’t joking around with this powerhouse cider. They appropriately named it the Cherry Bomb and the first sip is all it takes to find out why. The first impression for me was… Holy CHERRY!!!!

Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb BottleContrary to most people, I’m not too interested in the cherry on top of my Sundae. Despite my insatiable sweet tooth, cherries just a bit too sweet for me.

However, Julian Hard Cider’s Cherry Bomb is crafted with Montmorency Cherries – and that makes all the difference. Montmorency cherries are from a different branch of the cherry family, they’re tart and much more intense than their cousin often used with deserts. Plus, this cherry has a hardcore resume of healthy goodness! Montmorency cherries are commonly used in health supplements and are known worldwide as a “superfruit”. Most of us who have tried this type of cherry before, had it in dried form, or maybe as juice.

Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb in a pint glass   Pouring Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb
Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb LabelThis sour cherry flavor sets Julian Hard Cider’s Cherry Bomb apart from the rest. As you get past the first few sips and your taste buds get acclimated to the sour cherry flavor, that’s when you’ll start picking up on other superb flavors this cider has to offer. The crisp, clean hard apple, which has become a signature from JHC, comes through in full splendor as you reach the halfway point of your pint glass.

At 6.99% ABV, JHC’s Cherry Bomb holds its own anywhere, and the deep red color of this cider will have your friends wondering what’s inside the glass.

Cider Profile: Julian Hard Cider’s Cherry Bomb
Crafted & Bottled by: Julian Hard Cider
ABV: 6.99%
Good to know: Gluten free, made with “superfruit” cherry
Predominant flavors: Montmorency Cherry (tart, sour)
Color: deep red
On the bottle:

Photo Dec 22, 2 13 44 PM“EXPLOSIVE CHERRY FLAVOR: Our mission at Julian Hard Cider is to produce the highest-quality traditional ciders with ingredients harvested from sustainable American farms. We present to you CHERRY BOMB… a 100% natural elixir! handcrafted with juice from famed Montmorency Cherry. This intensely flavored powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants is celebrated for its health benefits and anti-aging properties. Blended with our premium hard apple cider you have the perfect balance of tart and sweet with a respectable 6.99% ABV. We’re not saying by drinking Julian Hard Cider CHERRY BOMB you’ll live forever… It just might feel that way.”

Website: www.JulianHardCider.biz


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