Omission Lager Gluten Free (Reduced) Beer Review

Omission Lager Gluten Free Beer Review

The Gluten Free community can finally breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy a cold Corona-like beer that satisfies that deep thirst on a hot summer day! The Omission Lager does just that for me. Before I go deeper into the tasting review, it’s important for me to underscore that Omission beers, like Stone’s Delicious IPA (review to come), aren’t technically considered gluten free. They call themselves gluten reduced beers, and that’s because they’re brewed with gluten containing grains, that are reduced / removed during the brewing process. This is a top notch secret sauce formula, but it boils down to specialized types of yeast used that basically break down the specific peptide sequences and reactive sites in gluten molecules that cause reaction to those of us sensitive and/or allergic to gluten. More on that process for Omission can be read about on their FAQ page. Long story short, try it in small quantities first to make sure you don’t have an undesired reaction. My body does fine with Omission beers, but I understand we’re all unique.

omission-lager-2Now that we got that important announcement out of the way, let’s get to the Omission Lager gluten free beer review post that I’ve been so excited to write and share with you.

I wrote a review on Omission Pale Ale a while ago, and I’ve also been working on one for their IPA that is soon to come. The thing that had me excited about the Omission Lager is that it’s just such an accessible beer. Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys the bitterness that comes with a strong Pale Ale or IPA, and even if you do (like me), sometimes there’s nothing quite like a cold lighter beer to satisfy that deep belly thirst – specially on a hot summer day!

Right out of the bottle (Omission beers are only available in bottles) there’s a distinct yet light honey, barley scent. I lightly poured it sideways into my glass and a nice 1/3 inch white foam head formed, and quickly minimized into a small rim that stayed on as seen on the picture.

Great mouthfeel, which I think will elicit a different sensation for different people. For me it reminds me of summer, the beach, and a great barbecue with friends. It’s a solid blonde though, nothing watery or weak about this lager. It’s not surprising the Omission Lager won several awards, including a gold medal in the gluten free beer category for the 2012 Great International Beer and Cider Competition, and a silver medal in the Helles Lager category for the 2013 Great International Beer and Cider Competition.

Overall a very well-rounded, delicious lager, which happens to be gluten free (err… reduced).

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