Wyder's Dry Pear Hard Cider Review

Wyder’s Dry Pear Hard Cider Review

yder’s Dry Pear Hard Cider is one of three available hard ciders in the Widers Cidery lineup. They also have a Wyder’s Dry Raspberry and Wyder’s Barrel Aged Series Reposado Pear hard cider. The thing that I particularly struggle with pear ciders is that they tend to be way too sweet for me. I can…

Stella Artois Cidre Review

Stella Artois Cidre Premium Cider Review

must admit to being a Stella Artois fan. It may be my love of cheap beer, growing up in Rio de Janeiro Brazil there’s nothing like affordable, cold, refreshing beer – and that’s just what Stella Artois is for me. Plus, the Stella brand manages to be a classy option. When Stella Artois decided to bring…

2 Towns Ciderhouse Nice & Naughty Hard Cider Review

2 Towns Ciderhouse Nice & Naughty Hard Cider Review

fter tasting 2 Towns Ciderhouse’s Nice & Naughty cider this year I will crave every holiday season. I’ll get into the details of why soon enough, just know that the same way I crave for a good egg nog over some holiday music, I’ll now also crave for the delicious and ass kicking Nice and Naughty…

Smith & Forge Hard Cider Review

Smith & Forge Hard Cider Review

‘ve been looking forward to trying a Smith & Forge Hard Cider for a while, mainly because I spot one in nearly every grocery and liquor store I go to. This fact alone really intrigued me because Smith & Forge Hard Cider strikes you as a craft brand of hard cider, with its masculine and bold font and…


New Planet Pale Ale Gluten Free Beer Review

ew Planet Pale Ale Gluten Free Beer is nothing short of bold – whether or not you’re into it. Before I dive deeper into this beer, let’s take a look at the brewery. New Planet’s mission was enough to get me pumped about their gluten free beers before even having tried one. That’s because I…

Reverend Nat's Hallelujah Hopricot Hard Cider Review

Reverend Nat’s Hallelujah Hopricot Hard Cider Review

everend Nat’s Hallelujah Hopricot has been one of the most unique hard ciders I’ve had the pleasure to drink so far. Anytime I see any reference to hops I get excited. I was able to imagine how well the flavor of hops would blend with apricot, but the actual flavor explosion mouthfeel surpassed my expectations. I deepened by research a…

Green's Dry Hopped Lager Review

Green’s Enterprise Dry Hopped Lager Review

picked up a Green’s Enterprise Dry Hopped Lager during a recent hard cider and gluten free beer shopping spree at my local BevMo. While I was looking at all of the possibilities at my fingertips a BevMo associate came to hang out and help me through my lengthy decision making process. He pointed out Green’s Gluten Free Lager as one…

Woodchuck Hard Cider Granny Smith

Woodchuck Granny Smith Hard Cider Review

he deeper I dive into the world of hard ciders the more I appreciate what Woodchuck Cidery has to offer. A trip to Middlebury Vermont becomes more interesting with each bottle of Woodchuck Hard Cider I consume. Being that I’m already a fan of Woodchuck Amber and Hopsation, I’ve been excited to get my hands into more of their…

Redd's Apple Ale Review

Redd’s Apple Ale Review

t wasn’t until I was done drinking my Redd’s Apple Ale that I realized it’s not really a hard cider. Reed’s Apple Ale calls itself an Ale because of how Redd’s Brewing Company makes this brew. Most hard ciders are made by apple fermentation, a process closer to wine making than beer brewing. According to their website, Reed’s Apple Ale is brewed…