Summer 2015

This year has offered me one of the most amazing journey’s I’ve had in my life – watching my new baby girl grow from a newborn to a crawling-almost-walking bundle of giggly energy.

The ciders had to take the backseat as we were all adjusting to our new routines here at home, and my level of activity around my blog, as well as on the social networks, dwindled down to nearly zero.

Having said that, every week there was something waiting for me in my inbox, from the blog, from twitter and even from Facebook. Something personal, messages from people who have visited and found something worth reading and sharing – and for whatever reason they wanted to let me know about it! Real people, not spammy messages, imagine that!

I’m so grateful for these people because is more than a hobby for me, it’s all about passion. As life got busy I had to dial CC back and even considered stopping it all together. However, these encouraging and kind messages from my readers empowered me to stick with my passion and get back on the horse. I appreciate it all the way guys!

With that said, welcome Summer 2015! Welcome seasonal ciders! Welcome crisp, refreshing summery drinks!

Happy Summer from the Cider Connoisseur!