Woodchuck Day Chaser Hard Cider Review

Woodchuck Day Chaser Hard Cider Review

While the world of fancy craft ciders, with all of its unlikely mixed ingredients, is growing and exciting, there will always be a place in my palate (and my heart) for a crip, refreshing, and dare I say thirst quenching, hard apple cider. Woodchuck has accomplished the perfect hot summer day with their gorgeous, semi-dry, Woodchuck Day Chaser hard cider.

Perfect after spending a long sunny day outdoors, the Day Chaser gives you a slight-but-pleasant burn on its way down, as you feel the fermentation and taste the delicious semi-dry crispness.

Woodchuck Day Chaser Hard Cider

Woodchuck’s Sessionable Day Chaser

The only bad news I have for you all is that this may not be a hard cider that is easy to find year round. The Woodchuck Day Chaser hard cider is at best a sessionable hard cider. I was fortunate enough to receive a bottle from them for an early taste test, but don’t expect to see this bottle in your local store too often. If you spot a six pack, be sure to pick it up as they won’t be around for long. When in doubt, you can always check Woodchuck’s cider locator on their site.


Bright, golden, bubbly with little to no head.


Crisp and refreshing. Woodchuck succeeded in giving you just enough sweet to prompt the next sip. A true semi-dry, pleasant for those looking for a more traditional sweet hard cider as well as those looking for a drier flavor.


A quick punch of tart apples that quickly dissipates into a smoother, less present traditional apple cider aroma.

Woodchuck Day Chaser Hard Cider Review with Gordie

Gordie the bulldog approves!


One of the nicer accomplishments with the Woodchuck Day Chaser hard cider is actually that its not very aggressive in terms of flavor, which helps to leave the person drinking with a satisfying mouthfeel, followed by a “AAAHHHHHH” after a good sip.

It’s no surprise that I enjoy Woodchuck ciders, please be sure to check my other hard cider reviews.

Leave me a comment with your own thoughts on the Woodchuck Day Chaser hard cider if you’ve had a chance to try one (or many) before. Cheers!